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This listing is for Magic Chalk in Blue, which is a lighter colour of triangle chalk from Tweeten.

For me this is the best chalk in grip of any chalks. I’ve been using this myself for 3 months and it gives the best grip  compared to many other on the market.

From testing in the USA with other chalks by Dr Dave this rated the best in shots played without a miscue and it rated at 29 shots where other such as Master chalk at 8 and Taom at 5 to 6 shots.

  • This comes in a box of two chalks


1. Rated number ONE chalk by independent testing ( Dr Dave)
2. Less miscues, chalk stays on tip better than any other brand
3. Can shoot off center shots and draw shots more consistently
4. Does not make a mess on the table, shaft or your hands


You can check the videos and results online at

Follow-up for Taom chalk tests (from NV J.7 – Chalk Testing Follow-Up, Taom vs. Master, and How to Chalk Properly):

chalk: average number of shots before miscue
Taom (original version, on hard layered tip, maple shaft): 5, 6
Taom (version 2, on hard layered tip, maple shaft): 5, 5
Master (on hard layered tip, maple shaft): 7, 6
Taom (version 2, on softer non-layered tip on Revo): 4, 4
Master (on softer non-layered tip on Revo): 4, 4

The only experiments I did with these two chalks were the “number of hits before miscue” test and the “maximum-spin miscue limit” test.

Concerning miscue limit, both chalks had very similar results as compared to all of the other chalks tested. I could not detect or measure any difference among any of the chalks concerning the maximum-spin miscue limit (although, the Silver Cup miscue limit didn’t seem to be quite as far out as the others, but it was very close).

Concerning the “number of hits until miscue,” Silver Cup was very similar to Master (flag and pre-flag) and Lava. However, the Magic Chalk was off the charts!!! That stuff really remains effective on the tip for a long time! Here’s a summary of all of the data in this category:

chalk: average number of shots before miscue
Master: 8
pre-flag: 8
Lava: 9
Blue Diamond: 11
Kamui: 15
Silver Cup: 7
Magic Chalk: 29!!!

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