Rapid Cue Top Sander

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This cue tool is a cue ferrule sander used to straighten the top on the ferrule before fixing on a new cue tip.



Rapid Cue Top Sander

This Rapid Cue Top Sander tool is made by Tweeten, they are also very well known for their quality range of chalk.

This tip tool is used when re-tipping your cue.

Once you have removed the old tip from the cue ferrule, the cue top sander clamps onto your shaft. We suggest that some masking tape or paper/cloth is between the thumb screw on the Top Sander and the cue to protect it.

This tip tool allows you to perfectly sand off the residual leather and glue, so that the ferrule is properly prepared for the new tip.

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Weight .550 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 cm