Magic Ball Rack Two and a Quarter Inch

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Please note: While other suppliers in Australia offer just one rack for the same price, we provide both 8-ball and nine-ball racks. The Pool Magic Rack for 2 1/4 inch Balls ensures a uniform pool ball rack every time. With the Magic Ball Rack™, you’re guaranteed a perfect, frozen, straight rack, eliminating the chance of providing a “bad rack” to your opponent.



This Magic Rack for 2 1/4 inch Balls ensures a uniform pool ball rack with the Magic Ball Rack™. This innovative racking system guarantees a perfect frozen straight rack every time, preventing the possibility of cheating by providing a “bad rack” to your opponent.

With a thickness of only 0.14mm, the rack allows the balls to spread naturally after each break without interfering with their roll. While it can remain on the table throughout the game, we recommend removing it for stun shots and screws as they may prove challenging!

Designed for durability, the pool ball rack has a life expectancy of one year with constant use and is robust and tear-resistant enough for commercial applications.

NOTE: Due to the racks’ pack size measuring 34cm x 25cm, they require postage in a 3kg Australia Post bag, so it’s recommended to consider adding other goods to your order.


• Ensures a consistent tight pool ball rack every time, even on old cloth!
• Racks in 10 seconds or less (although I’d like to see that!), as claimed by the manufacturers.
• Eliminates the need to tap the table to set a rack, preventing cloth and slate damage.
• Compatible with worn and used balls with a tolerance level of 0.1mm.
• Waterproof material that can blend into any table cloth color and can be rolled up for easy transportation.

Available as a full set, including both 8-ball and 9/10-ball rack combos.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 1 × 1 cm