Phoenix Cues

Phoenix Cues

Through our business, World Cue Sports has the rights for Phoenix cues in Australia. They offer quality shafts and a large range of butt splicing materials and veneers.

Phoenix cues manufactured in Thailand have exceptional quality and competitively priced. The extensions are a little heavier than what we use for Cue Creator or Peradon cues but are also having a lower overall cost.

The splicing and woods give Phoenix Cue craftsman an illustrious name both here and in the UK.

With these cues we select cues from their large range of designs. The cues we pick come in Various lengths and in one piece, three quarters and the occasional two piece. If you’re after a custom-made snooker cue to your own specs then check out our other section via this link.

If you’re from another country other than Australia please contact us for your country pricing including delivery.

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