Super Diamond Billiard Chalk

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This Chalk for me is the best I’ve used in 25 years of playing cue sports. It has a very low wear wait which is bad for me but has great grip, doesn’t gloss over and doesn’t excessively mark the cloth on Snooker Cloth unlike others in the market.

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Super Diamond Billiard Chalk

This Super Diamond Billiard Chalk is from Ukraine and for me this is one of the best chalks on the market today!

Ive been using the chalk for three months and its only worn a little. It doesn’t mark the cloth and marks the cue ball only very slightly but only when you over apply the chalk.

This chalk also won’t stain the shaft and I’ve found after extensive use it doesn’t gloss over or have i had many miscues if any at all. Unlike some other leading brands in the market today i find that i get excellent grip on the tip and total confidence in the strike of the cue ball.

The consistency of the chalk is quite firm and dense so wearing overall is very low compared to any chalk ive ever used. Due to the amount of wear you’ll find this chalk lasts longer than any other unless your mate picks it up.

We’ve also found that it doesn’t change in high humidity areas as well and stays dry.

Super Diamond Billiard Chalk has the tear off strips on the chalk sides and we have found it doesn’t crumble like some other chalks in the market today.

We’ve found that the chalk stays on the tip very well and provides a excellent grip for all the shots needed in cue sports and stays on each hardness of tip very well.


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