Cloth and Ball Guide

This Cloth and Ball Guide provides essential insights into maintaining both your table and billiard balls. Each of the three clips offers valuable tips, particularly the one on the right.

Aramith balls are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the demands of both home and commercial table owners. Renowned for their quality and global use in professional events, Aramith balls are the preferred choice for their durability and performance.

Below is a basic video demonstration from YouTube showcasing how a ball cleaner works and what you’ll need to assemble one. If you require assistance assembling it, feel free to send us an email. The process is relatively straightforward:

  • Secure a car polisher and mount it upside down in a bucket, ensuring ventilation with drilled holes.
  • Line the bucket with carpet to protect the balls.
  • – Use ball polish and billiard balls to clean.


  • At clubs, aim to clean tables twice a week, particularly when using the cloth most clubs utilize.
  • When cleaning, keep the brush head low to the table surface to prevent dust from spreading.
  • Use a vacuum to remove collected dust, especially around the pockets.
  • Ensure to clean the pockets thoroughly to prevent dust transfer onto the balls.
  • Dampen a pad (a timber trowel lined with felt works well) and wipe the table surface to remove any remaining dust.
  • When ironing the table, begin from the center and work towards the cushions, avoiding ironing the cushions directly to prevent rubber displacement and inconsistent bounce.