Dowsing Iron & Spare Parts


Snooker tables should be regularly ironed after brushing to reduce moisture attracted from the atmosphere by woollen cloths and to smooth the nap for more accurate ball roll and faster playing speed. The iron is heated to the correct temperature controlled by the thermostat, then detached for use.

This iron is English made by Dowsing in London and has been re fitted by Electrician with our Fitting.

NOTE: Irons in stock and parts ordered from London (1-2 weeks to get in) Most of the time we have part stocks as well.

ISSUE WITH FREIGHT – only will be sent by regular post which cost me $40+
Here’s a clip on table maintenance and ironing and what required ( very detailed from Riley in the UK)



This Dowsing DB2 Electric Billiards Table Iron is the iron of choice amongst professional table fitters. Ironing your table should be a regular part of your table maintenance.

This is the only quality English made billiard iron on the market, distributed by Peradon and is branded under Dowsing. This dowsing iron is thermostatically controlled and has a temperature setting dial underneath the handle. It is supplied with a lead which is detached when ironing the table and a with a special stand to place the hot iron safely onto.

The other very good thing with this iron is that it has all the spare parts also available for it. (also stock thermostat and element plus stand etc. here)

The Dowsing Iron Features:

• Thermostatically controlled — has a temperature dial underneath the handle and a light indicates the correct temperature has been reached
• Shaped to reach right under cushions
• Supplied with power cord (detached when ironing the table and re done to Australian plug)
• Supplied with Dowsing heat proof stand
• 12 month warranty ( to be inspected for damages firstly)
• Made in Great Britain

I have also had a electrician also change the lead to be suitable now for our Australian power points and Parts are also available as pictured ( the price shown is for the iron only as pictured)

Quick tips: Table Care

  • 1. Brush the table first ensuring that you sweep dirt down the table in the direction of the nap.
  • 2. Once all of the dirt is at the end of the table, use the end of the brush or a cushion brush to sweep the dirt out at the pockets.
  • 3. Wrap a duster or piece of baize around the brush and, using the wooden side of the brush, sweep down the table as if you were ironing it flat.
  • 4. Once the iron is at a suitable heat (not too hot – it’s worth testing on paper first – if it scorches then it’s too hot!), iron in straight lines down the table.
  • 5. Overlap each line mark that the iron makes until you have ironed the whole table.
  • 6. Repeat as necessary but don’t over-iron as this dries the wool fibres and makes the cloth more susceptible to wearing.

Firstly brushing, always brush with the nap of the table which runs from the baulk or D end to the black spot end. So start with your brush at the D end and walk up the table to the black spot end of your snooker table.

Brush in straight lines, then all the debris will collect at the top cushion, which can then be brushed towards one of the top pockets and away from the table.

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Iron and Parts

Dowsing Table Iron Complete Australia Plug(S4973), DB2 Element (4977), DB2 Thermostat(S4980), Complete Tray Stand(S4978), Pressure Pad (S4979), Stand Feet(S4971), Dowsing DB2 Plug changed to Australian