Strachan 30 Ounce 6811 Cloth


Strachan cloth is known by all players as the best in quality and used in all professional events.

This Type is 30 ounce Strachan cloth as used in clubs for use in our national events and recently some have also started using superfine.




Strachan 30 Ounce 6811 Cloth

Strachan 30 Ounce cloth 6811 has been made in the West of England since 1890. Today, it is widely recognised as the leading global brand and continues to be the choice of table manufacturers, fitters, players and clubs.

Made from 100% pure new wool, the Strachan brand offers players exceptional performance, with a superior nap that provides unrivalled positional ball control and speed.

The official and exclusive cloth choice of World Snooker, since 1980 Strachan has been used at professional ranking tournaments across the globe, including the annual World Championships.

Strachan is the official cloth of the International Billiards and Snooker Federation, the Asian Confederation of Billiards Sports and the European Billiards and Snooker Association.

This listing covers Strachan ® 30 ounce Cloth 6811 – sent folded ( if you want rolled $30 extra for freight)
  1. 7  foot  Table Cloth and Cushions
  2. 8  foot  Table Cloth and Cushions
  3. 9  foot  Table Cloth and Cushions
  4. 10 foot  Table Cloth and Cushions
  5. 12 foot  Table Cloth and Cushions

General Slate sizes: Please ensure your table size before ordering.

  1. 7ft: 7ft x 3ft 6 inches
  2. 8ft: 8ft x 4ft
  3. 9ft: 9ft x 4ft 6 inches
  4. 10ft:10ft x 5ft
  5. 12ft: 12ft x 6ft

Generally with our cloth cuts, we allow 2-3” overhang on each side to wrap around under the slate and build-up but you need to check your table as per above.

Below is how we supply our cushions:

7ft: All Cushions Come off the side of the Bed Cloth

8ft: 4 Cushions come off the side of the Bed Cloth 1x extra piece at 12” Wide x 48” Long (2 Cushions)

9ft: 2 Cushions come off the side of the Bed Cloth 2x extra pieces at 12” x 54” Long (4 Cushions

10ft: 4 Cushions come off the side of the Bed Cloth 1x extra piece at 12” x  66” Long (4 Cushions)

12ft: Bed Cloth Supplied 1 piece of 36” Wide x 78” Long (6 Cushions)

Colours available as below: Note both 10 and 12 foot is available in Green Only.

supplier only has royal blue, slate blue and green only – others no longer in Australia 

BEWARE: Some suppliers cut the cloth incorrect with the nap not in the correct direction. When brushing the table, the nap should be going from the baulk end down to the spot as does the cushion cloth. Many suppliers here in Australia on E-Bay cut the cloth against the nap to save more cloth costs and go in cheap. This will make the cushions have cross nap and effect the ball bounce among other things.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm
Table Size

6 Foot table bed only, 6 Foot table bed and Cushions, 7 Foot table bed only, 7 Foot table bed and Cushions, 8 Foot table bed only, 8 Foot table bed and Cushions, 9 Foot table bed only, 9 Foot table bed and Cushions, 10 Foot table bed only, 10 Foot table bed and Cushions, 12 Foot table bed only, 12 Foot table bed and Cushions

Cloth Colour

Green, Blue, Burgundy, Black, Red, Purple, Slate Blue, Electric Blue