Peradon Napping Cloth Block


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This Peradon napping block is a useful tool when your cleaning your table. Once you’ve brushed your table to get the nap to work the best the use of a pad helps get the nap of the cloth down before ironing.

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This Peradon Napping Cloth Block is used to reset the nap on billiard cloth and leave it in pristine condition.

It is used by running the block over the surface of the cloth in the same direction as the nap. This is done in multiple long strokes over the full length of the table.

After you have brushed the table damp the bottom of the Peradon napping pad and it helps pick up the dust of the table.

After ironing it also help lay the nap down and creates a much faster speed on the cloth and eliminates the dust that shows up on the balls when just brushing.

Note: this is 12 inch in length as per the Peradon Bristle Brush

Additional information

Weight .300 kg
Dimensions 40 × 7 × 10 cm