Taom Soft Snooker Chalk


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Taom Snooker Chalk Version 2 is being used by many of the leading World Snooker Professional Players since 2017. Overall the weight of the chalk is much heavier than the standard chalks and has a very different consistency over other manufacturers.


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Taom Soft Snooker Chalk is being used by many of the leading World Snooker Professional players as well as version 2 in another listing. This version is a softer consistency as some players wanted another version so here it is.

Many of the leading players are switching to it at recent events that I’ve been going to, many more have switched to it during 2017. Miscues, kicks and bad contacts have been reduced and due to the colour it doesn’t show up on the cue ball. The softer version applies easier but also wears quicker so its up to the way you like your chalk.

Due to the round shape it lasts longer and it has a different feel when going on as well.

In the next lot events you’ll notice the huge amount of players that have switched from using Master Chalk and Triangle to this new round shaped chalk. Although it’s more expensive due to the shape and the compound it’s also going to last a lot longer than others by a long way.

The chalk is made in Finland and measures 1 inch round or 25mm and 16mm in depth.

  • Price is for one block of the best chalk on the market today!
taom snooker version soft from WCS
taom snooker version soft from WCS

Taom sell price is set at 15 pounds per block / or Euro at 15 (selling at the converted Euro Price to start with)

Additional information

Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 cm