Aramith Cuesport Ball Cleaner


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This cleaner is from Aramith and the best method of cleaning your snooker and billiard balls. Don’t use anything else as many things will harm the ball finish.



Aramith Cuesport Ball Cleaner

This Aramith Cuesport Ball Cleaner is used for Regular use on Aramith Balls. The Cleaner will keep your Aramith phenolic billiard balls polished and lustrous for years to come!

Unlike other suppliers our stock is replace each 2-3 weeks and purchased from the UK Wholesaler Peradon so its 100% Authentic as well.

  • Recommended after each session of 15-20 games. Directions for use Shake well the bottle. Apply the cleaner upon the ball. Rub well with one rag or aramith cleaning cloth.
  • Make the ball shine with a separate dry cloth or the Peradon cloth or with an electrical buffer.

Keeping your Aramith balls clean has many advantages, such as more exact playing conditions from game to game, from table to table. When spin or English is used in a shot, it is partially transferred to the object ball. This spin transfer depends on many variables, one of them being friction coefficient which depends on the cleanliness of the balls. This is achieved by keeping the balls perfectly clean and cleaning with a proper agent regularly and always using the same agent to clean the balls.

Clean Aramith balls mean they are smoother than dirty Aramith balls, so its obvious that they will wear out the cloth less then dirty Aramith balls.

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