Navigator Pool Cue Chalk

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This chalk from navigator i believe is the best around for Pool Tables that are using blue cloth. The feel of the chalk is far better than others as it has less silicone content and really coats the tips better than any others in the market today.



Navigator Pool Cue Chalk

Navigator Pool Cue Chalk not only coats the tip the best we have seen but has a better color for Pool for the cloths most competitions are played under. Unlike other chalks it doesn’t have a high silicone content and has excellent ball grip. The other great idea they have is the silicone cover which helps reduce sweat from your hands going into the chalk.

Navigator Pool Cue Chalk overall this is the best chalk for pool I have ever used by far, and I look forward to trying a snooker version soon.

navigator slider image pool
navigator slider image pool

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Weight .025 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm