Kamui ROKU Pool Chalk

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Kamui chalk 1.21 improved longevity, with a harder compound, giving the player more confidence with a pre-shot routine.



Kamui ROKU Pool Chalk

Direct from Kamui Japan I’m glad to announce a new Pool Chalk called ROKU!

This new chalk still has the high grip of the 1.21 but without leaving chalk on the cue ball and a much improved version. I believe this chalk will take of like Taom has to snooker ad there’s another version coming out for snooker that is excellent.

Before these new chalks came along i would have said Navigator was the best for pool but this new ROKU is up there and i think marginally better for the feel it has.

Great to see changes in the industry!


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Weight .025 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm