One Piece Four Secondary Kingwood and Veneer

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This Cue Creator showcases a design with Four Secondary Kingwood and a thick Blue veneer, crafted with the highest quality USA Ash.



Four Secondary Kingwood and Veneer

This Cue Creator model boasts Four Secondary Kingwood and Blue Veneer, with a face splice also crafted from Kingwood. Part of our new cue range, these cues feature North American Ash for superior quality in both finish and splicing.

The four secondary splices in Kingwood, combined with the thick blue veneer, make for a highly popular choice. The 1941 model, designed for professional use, incorporates ash that extends to the bottom of the cue, reducing butt flex and enhancing shot power.

Cue Specifications:

  • 1921 – Kingwood and Veneer: Length 57.2 inches, Ferrule diameter 9.57mm, Weight 18.02 ounces, Butt diameter 29.5mm, Balance point 17 inches
  • 1941 – Kingwood and Veneer: Length 57.1 inches, Ferrule diameter 9.59mm, Weight 17.85 ounces, Butt diameter 29.4mm, Balance point 17.3 inches (PRO CUE)
Added Bonus:
  • For all Cue Creator® cues purchased in stock only, we’re also offering free 6-inch solid and 23-inch telescopic extensions.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 150 × 10 × 10 cm
Kingwood and Veneer

1921 -Kingwood and Veneer -Length of cue 57.2 inches, 9.57 ferrule, 18.02 ounces, 29.5 butt, 17 inch balance point, 1941 – PRO CUE Kingwood and Veneer -Length of cue 57.1 inches, 9.59 mm ferrule, 17.85 ounces, 29.4 butt, 17.3 balance point, 1295 – Kingwood and Veneer -Length of cue 57 inches, 9.71 mm ferrule, 18.06 ounces, 29.74 butt, 17 balance point