Peradon Newbury Three Quarter Cue


The Newbury snooker cue, a full-size three-quarter jointed cue, is expertly crafted by Peradon in England, boasting a Pro-line shaft and an Ebony butt with splicing. Renowned for its rigidity and playing attributes, the ‘Pro-line’ shaft features evenly spaced chevrons, ensuring optimal performance. Customization options, including personalized lengths, specifications, and additional splicing, are available at an additional cost, prompting interested parties to inquire for further details.



Peradon Newbury Three Quarter Cue

Crafted by Peradon in England, the Peradon Newbury Three Quarter Cue is a full-size, three-quarter jointed snooker cue. Featuring the Pro-line shaft and an Ebony butt with splicing, it offers exceptional rigidity and playing characteristics with its evenly spaced chevrons. Renowned for its superior performance, the laminated maple shaft delivers remarkable cue ball control and enhanced power compared to standard ash or maple cues.

The uniform lines of the cue provide a significant advantage to players who utilize the shaft grain as a visual aid. Utilizing patented technology, the Peradon maple shaft timber is cut and laminated with walnut inlays to minimize deflection, resulting in a shaft with minimal deviation. Extensions can be fitted into either the three-quarter joint or the butt end joint, offering added versatility. Equipped with a solid brass ferrule and a 9 ½ to 10mm Elkmaster tip, this cue ensures optimal performance on the table. For cues of similar quality, consider trying the new Aramith laminated tips for the ultimate cue ball control experience.

PLEASE NOTE: Newbury cues are ordered upon request as most are custom made. Additionally, customers have the option to design butt splicing at an extra cost.

This listing includes the cue and both extensions as of April 27, 2022.

Cue Length 58″ (147.5cm) Full Size Peradon Newbury
Shaft Length 42″ (107cm) Peradon Newbury
Butt Length 16″ (40.5cm) – plus 1″ (2.5cm) for the protruding male joint
Tip 9 ½ to 10mm Elkmaster
Shaft Pro-line shaft (Maple & Walnut) from Peradon Newbury
Butt Hand spliced genuine Ebony from Peradon
Butt Decoration All Ebony
Joint Solid brass, ‘Quick Action’ 16″ from butt end
Butt End Joint Yes, Quick Action
Weight 19 oz up to 21oz as supplied from Peradon

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 130 × 5 × 5 cm
Cue Extensions

No extension, 6 inch extension, 23 inch extension, 23 inch cue extension and 6 inch