Under Cushion Table Brush


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This is a quality brush at a lower cost than others.

If you want a high quality one then check out the other listing under Peraodn Bristle Bush


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Under Cushion Table Brush

If you’re after a Under Cushion Table Brush we’ve finally found a really good one. This is much better than any under cushion brush ive seen is a little big but does the job great and unlike other the hairs are well attached.

This is a great valued brush for the money and much better than the under cushion Peradon Brush we had on this listing before.

If your after a high quality table bristle brush then check out the Peradon one as its the best for cleaning the table or there’s another cheaper alternative also good for the money.


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Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm