Peradon Black Cueing Glove

Peradon Black Cueing Glove

This glove is for the use of cue sports and is made for Peradon in the UK.

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Peradon Black Cueing Glove

This listing is for the Peradon Black Cueing Glove.

Useful when the weather gets a bit humid, these gloves help the cue glide through your bridge hand. Some players like them so much they use them all season round. Suitable for either hand, left-handers simply wear them upside-down

These gloves become useful for many players when the weather feels humid or maybe your a player that suffers from sweaty hands. Playing in these conditions makes it harder for a player to keep a consistent free flowing stroke, as the cue catches on your bridge hand. Personally at times I felt it was these conditions that it then became uncomfortable to keep playing, but with a glove that free swing in your stroke can be kept more consistent. Even if owning a glove is just to save your game from this situation or maybe you find you enjoy playing with that more reliable feel of a free stroke, that you always continue to play with a cue glove!

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 3 x 2 x 1 cm