Peradon Baulk marking stick


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This Peradon baulk marking stick is a great tool of marking out your table’s D area. This Ruler has markings for tables sizes from 6foot to 12 foot tables.



Peradon Baulk Marking Stick

This Peradon Baulk Marking Stick is an alternative to the cumbersome ‘Marking D’s’. These Peradon Baulk Marking Sticks are used like a compass to mark the ‘D’ on any snooker or pool table and give it that professional look.

The different sizes are achieved by inserting the baulk marking pencil through the appropriate hole in the stick.

This tool is a great size and as it’s from Peradon it’s been well designed and uses a pointed screw to put in the centre point. There is 6 different size ‘D’s’ that can be used being clearly marked on the Baulk Marking Stick.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 2 × 2 cm