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Cue Hangers for Pool and Snooker

Cue Hangers for Pool and Snooker

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These black cue hangers are a great way of getting a cue to stay straighter. Over seas many cue companies use these hangers and we’ve found that this method is the best way to keep it straight and the way we store cues.

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Cue Hangers for Pool and Snooker

These Cue Hangers for Pool and Snooker are they way I store my cues now and helps not only keep the cue straighter but leaves no marks on the cue. Looking at various suppliers in overseas it a popular thing to do as the timber of the cue is pulling downward and keeps the cue straighter.

I have found the hangers also don’t mark your cue so it a lot better than cue clips and a good way to store your cue instead of leaving in your case.

Using a hook which you can purchase from bunnings or another hardware store I would put them up if I was you and leave your cue in a cupboard instead of a case as it will help it remain straighter.

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Weight .500 kg
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 cm

Yellow hangers, Green Hangers, Red Hangers