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Aramith Training Ball

Aramith Training Ball

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Aramith Ultimate Training Ball brings you the new Nic Barrow designed ball In Association with Aramith. This cue ball will help Improve Your Potting, Cue Ball Control,And Knowledge Of Side Spin with Nic’s Tried & Tested Methods.

I have been using this a bit and it really shows a major difference in positional play with a minor adjustment of the cue.



Aramith Training Ball

Aramith Ultimate Training Ball brings you the new Nic Barrow designed ball in association with Aramith. This cue ball will help improve your potting, cue ball control and knowledge of side spin with Nic’s Tried & Tested Methods.

Absolute beginners, to amateurs, to competitive players alike can benefit from the ultimate training ball and it’s bonus content. There are three unique training tools with this new cue ball.

Training Tool 1: The Object Ball Side.

  • To improve your aiming, sighting & potting using a brand new pair of aim lines.

Training Tool 2: The Cue Ball Side.

  • Master your positional play & cue action with a simple, yet revolutionary, grid numbering system for where to strike the cue ball.
  • The chalk remaining on the cue ball after your shot will tell you if you hit the cue ball where you were addressing it.

Training Tool 3: The Cue Ball Calculator.

  • Innovative new tool to help you calculate where and how to place the cue ball for the next shot.
  • You place this on the table to give you a visual guide as to where you want the cue ball to land on the next shot.

Training Bonus’s Include:

  • Training Bonus 1: 16 Page Instruction Booklet
  • Learn the main knowledge and training routines required to get the most out of your ball.
  • Training Bonus 2: Diagrams & Explanations
  • A sample of diagrams shown in the training booklet appears below.

training ball calculator

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm