Sandman Tip Shaper Burnisher

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This tip tool is called the sandman and is an aggressive tip tool for the first shaping of the cue tip. Once you have shaped the tip we would recommend using the other tip files.



Sandman Tip Tool Burnisher

The Sandman Tip Shaper Burnisher  is probably the last tip shaping tool you will ever have to buy, well almost. It comes with a leather burnisher and is a must for anyone that does tip work. Being made of stainless steel with a textured metal insert means this will outlast any sandpaper.

This tip tool is more suited to laminated tips, its very aggressive but great for when your shaping a new tip.

I use this on my tips when putting them on and it does a great job, so if your after a good file get the Sandman Tip tool & Burnisher.

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Dimensions 11 × 4 × .05 cm