Peradon Nylon Tip Fastener


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This Peradon Nylon tip fastener tool helps secure your tip when glueing onto your ferrule.

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Peradon Nylon Tip Fastener

This Peradon Nylon Tip Fastener is in a red colour and plastic unlike the other listing I have being the Peradon Boxwood Brass Tip Fastener.

It’s a great tool and very easy to use, and a item well worth purchasing for anyone who is looking for a better end job of retipping their cue.

By positioning this Peradon Nylon Tip Fastener onto the end of the cue shaft with the nylon top holding the new tip in place, the nylon collar is then pulled down to fix the tip fastener in this position on the cue shaft until the tip glue has completely set.

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Weight .100 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 cm