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Aramith Magnetic Spread Cue Ball


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This Aramith cue ball is for Two and a Quarter Inch made for USA Pool. The construction of this cue ball is so its spread throughout the cue ball so it rolls very well overall.

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Aramith Magnetic Spread Inch Cue Ball

This Aramith Magnetic Spread Cue Ball is made for coin op tables that return the ball at the break end. It does not have the magnet in the middle of the ball however. The magnetized properties are spread throughout the ball and enables this cue ball to perform like the regulation Red Circle cue ball.

Whether you are a home-owner likely to buy a ball set that has to satisfy for a very long time or a commercial table owner looking to control costs and maximize profits, Aramith balls are designed and manufactured to provide the satisfaction you demand.

Tired of not getting good ball reaction on a your table? This is the cue ball for you from the best in Pool ball for a ball return by far and rolls much straighter than the solid core Aramith cue ball.

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Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 10 cm