Pro Ball Shine 100ml

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Pro Ball Shine has been developed by a professional player with many Testimonials including our own Stuart Bingham. For me this is this offers the best finish of any ball cleaner I’ve ever used and the shine is like a new set of balls and corresponds in the sound and contact of the ball.

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Pro Ball Shine 100ml is the next generation in ball cleaning developed by Andrew Pagett a UK Professional player. The product has many testimonials from many leading professional players from Snooker to USA Pool as well.

This is NOT a polish it’s designed to remove grease and kill bacteria resulting in very clean balls which creates better playing conditions and we all know that means higher break and more consistency.

When other polishes area applied to balls it can produce unwanted reactions.

Pro Ball Shine 100ml, is a new formula that takes away those nasty reactions but still gives the consistency and grip just like a brand-new ball.


Spray onto ball. Leave for 30 seconds contact time for biocidal action. Wipe clean with a paper towel. Allow to air dry. This cleaning fluid will put your balls back to brand new, it can be used on snooker/pool balls, golf balls and irons plus much more.

Link to testimonial from many cue sports Players.

testimonial Stuart BIngham
testimonial Stuart BIngham

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