Telescopic rests and cues

Telescopic Rests and Cues


These telescopic extensions are made in two different lengths. They have two different sizes one in 55-76 inches and another in 71-108 inches. Apart from using them as a jigger or rest handle there’s also a long cue so you can get rid of the fishing tackle at your club.

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Telescopic Rests and Cues

These English made telescopic rests and cues have ash shafts and coated aluminium telescopic butts. All our rest sticks are sold without heads, which are available as separate products.

You won’t find any better on the market than these if your serious about the game and want only the best get them. I have a set of the 1755 on my table and it is great!

These are the Extenda brand as used on TV by the professional players.

  1. 1751 – Telescopic Long Cue (71″ extending to 108″)
  2. 1750 – Telescopice Long Rest Stick (71″ extending to 108″)
  3. 1755 – Telescopic Short Rest Stick (55″ extending to 76″)

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 180 × 10 × 10 cm
Rest handles

1751 – Telescopic Long Cue (71 to 108inches), 1750 – Telescopic Long Rest Stick (71 to 108inches), 1755 – Telescopic Short Rest Stick (55 to 76inches)