Snooker Pool Table Cover Vinyl




Snooker Pool Table Cover Vinyl

This Snooker Pool Table Cover Vinyl is great quality and will protect your table. They are a heavy duty material made from vinyl and will give you table good protection from the kids.

In the listing is a few different colours and also table cover plus some full length table covers in certain sizes as listed.

  • available in Black:
  1. 7ft     Black fitted cover
  2. 8ft     Black fitted cover
  3. 9ft     Black fitted cover
  4. 10ft   Black fitted cover
  5. 12ft   Black fitted cover
  • Also available in colours in:
  • Burgundy
  • Black
  1. 7ft fitted cover
  2. 8ft fitted cover
  3. 9ft fitted cover
  • Full length covers (820mm drop) – black only
  1. 7ft full length cover
  2. 8ft full length cover
  3. 9ft full length cover

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 12 cm
Vinyl Table Covers

7ft Black fitted cover, 7ft Burgundy fitted cover, 7ft Blue fitted cover, 7ft Green fitted cover, 8ft Black fitted cover, 8ft Burgundy fitted cover, 8ft Blue fitted cover, 8ft Green fitted cover, 9ft Black fitted cover, 9ft Burgundy fitted cover, 9ft Blue fitted cover, 9ft Green fitted cover, 10ft Black fitted cover, 12ft Black fitted cover, 7ft full length Black cover, 8ft full length Black cover, 9ft full length Black cover