Peradon Club Cushion Rubber

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This Peradon club cushion rubber is a great quality rubber. The rubbers come as a set of six and you would cut them to the length required for your table.



Peradon Club Cushion Rubber

This listing is for black Peradon Club Cushion Rubber and is for Full Size Snooker Table Rubber.

Peradon Club Cushion Rubber  offers superb value for money and is Sold in Sets of 6 x 6ft lengths for full size snooker tables or can be cut down to fit heavy make 8, 9 & 10ft tables.

You may also cut one set in half to make two sets of rubbers, suitable for many of today’s pool tables. Save some money and purchase your rubbers and cloth and get a price on fitting only. The rubbers from peradon I believe are just as good as the more expensive norther rubbers and your saving some money as well.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 160 × 30 × 15 cm