Mark Williams Cue Towel Green

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Mark Williams Cue Towel Green with the MW logo. Support the Legend that’s created so many fantastic memories for snooker and buy one today.

  • Colour : Green
  • Size is -50cm x 25cm


Mark Williams Cue Towel Green

This Mark Williams Cue Towel Green  is made from cotton and is a very nice this towel and great for keeping your cue clean or your hands.

Every player should have a cue towel of some sort in their cue case. Keeping the shaft of your cue feeling clean and dry is a must and this towel will do just that!

With all cuesport games the importance of ensuring a free flowing stroke is crucial to help ensure a successful shot.

A sticky cue will bump across a players bridge and take confidence away from making that shot. Players know very well the importance of keeping your hands free of sweat, grime and dirt which can be transferred to your cue shaft. Also this towel can be handy to clean that cue ball or object ball you want to prevent from “kicking” on the shot.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 cm
Cue Towel

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