Mark Williams Ball Cleaning Spray

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Mark Williams Ball Cleaning Spray 150mm so 50ml more than the other one we sell. It’s a Great product and from what we’ve tested seems to last longer on the balls than other cleaners for this use. We use it in our ball machine after using other product. If cleaning by hand first use aramith cleaning liquid and then this after it to make the set shine like new.

The ball contact and sound is like a new set of balls and reaction is a lot better.

One of my Favourite players to watch and he’s super relaxed of the table as he looks on TV.

Great to see him entering the selling side of things now to set up his future. Lets throw our support behind a true legend of the game.



Mark Williams Snooker & Pool Ball Cleaning Spray is a high-quality product designed to effectively clean snooker and pool balls. It’s been personally endorsed by Mark J Williams himself and the one he uses on his set of balls.
The fact that it’s designed for both machine and manual use is convenient for a wide range of users, from professionals to amateurs. It’s also nice to know that the spray is made in the UK and is proven to be effective in reducing kicks and restoring balls to a like-new shine.

Spray onto ball. Leave for 30 seconds contact time for biocidal action. Wipe clean with a paper towel. Allow to air dry. This Mark Williams cleaner will put your balls back to brand new with a shine more than Mark taking his shirt of at the worlds!

The instructions are pretty clear:
  • removes grease, chalk marks
  • fingerprints, and dirt
  • it’s recommended to use 5-6 sprays onto a set of balls once they are placed into a ball cleaning machine.

This product sounds like it’s suitable for both professional and amateur use, and the atomising spray nozzle on the bottle helps to maximize coverage without waste. It’s essential to follow the recommended steps for a professional quality deep clean.

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Weight .050 kg
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 2 cm