Cue Wall Rack Peradon


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This listing is for a Peradon cue rack to hold 6 cues and mounted to a wall with 6 Brass and Nylon clips.

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Cue Wall Rack Peradon

This Cue Wall Rack Peradon listing hold 6 cues and mounted to a wall. It’s a Mahogany coloured cue rack which holds 6 cues with brass and nylon cue clips.

You’ll find many other I can get from Peradon on order from the UK in which I order goods twice a week and sometimes more so everything they have I can access.

I don’t offer two many racks like this due to if they are a high traffic used item the cue will mark where the holder is. I would however recommend the Circular Cue Stand From Peradon on this link

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 10 cm