Ball Marker 2 1/16 Cue Creator

Ball Marker 2 1/16 Cue Creator


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This Peradon ball marker is a very useful tool to have in your cue case so you can re spot a object ball or clean a cue balls when the chalk is on it.

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Ball Marker 2 1/16 Cue Creator

This Ball Marker 2 1/16 from Cue Creator in size and used by referee’s when the cue ball or object balls need cleaning during a game.

By gently placing a finger on the ball to be cleaned, the  Ball Marker can be slid under the ball until it is neatly touching. Then the ball can be removed from the table while keeping the ball marker in place. After cleaning the ball the marker is held to the table by the referee’s finger and the cleaned ball is placed neatly against the half circle indentation and then the ball is held into place by the referee’s finger and the ball marker is carefully removed away.

This Ball Marker is a great size compared to other ball cleaner markers as it’s the same width as the ball and is easy to use as a guide for the referee.

Being compact it will easily fit into mostly every cue case and is a must for the serious player who enjoys their game.

  • comes as marker only image of ball for illustration purpose only

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 cm