Titanium Billiard Ferrules


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If your after a ferrule that will last longer and also help reduce deflection in your cue then you should try these Titanium ferrules out. Brass over a short time reduces in size quickly and is heavier than titanium. Our ferrule will maintain size much longer and also help the cue performance as well.

  • 50% the weight of a brass ferrule
  • Helps reduce throw in a cue
  • Threaded which is far better than without


Titanium Billiard Ferrules

Our titanium billiard ferrules are for Snooker, English Pool and Chinese Pool Cues. We thread the ferrules unlike our competitors and this is because of a few reasons.

Our competitors make their ferrules from a harder grade titanium that’s also hard to machine even with the aid of a lathe. We found that many ferrules had marks in the ferrule almost impossible to remove.

With nonthreaded ferrules, the tenon or section of the ferrule is fitting to need to be a tight fit and then pushed on and glued. This method doesn’t allow for timber movement and in all climates the shaft wood will have movement and then make a noise.

The Titanium Billiard Ferrules have a thread which helps not only have a tighter fit but something for the glue to adhere to and prevent the movement seen in a nonthreaded ferrule.

We’ve found that the playability of the cue also increases with some tapers as well and as they are 50% the weight of brass, which helps in less deflection. The other major advantage is that the diameter doesn’t change like brass when changing tips over time, which I feel is the largest bonus.

For Sizing we have had made the following sizes:

  1. 8.00mm Titanium
  2. 8.5mm Titanium
  3. 9.1mm Titanium
  4. 9.25mm Titanium
  5. 9.3mm Titanium
  6. 9.4 mm Titanium
  7. 9.5mm Titanium
  8. 9.6mm Titanium
  9. 9.7mm Titanium
  10. 9.75mm Titanium
  11. 9.8mm Titanium
  12. 10.1mm Titanium
  13. 10.3mm Titanium
  14. 10.5mm Titanium
  15. 11 mm Titanium
  • Please not that the sizing can be either way by /- .1-.2
  • 1/2 the weight of brass , obviously harder and also workable.
  • Easy to machine on a lathe
  • 8mm in height can also easily be machined on lathe

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Cue Ferrules

8.00mm Titanium, 8.5mm Titanium, 9.1mm Titanium, 9.25mm Titanium, 9.3mm Titanium, 9.4 mm Titanium, 9.5mm Titanium, 9.6mm Titanium, 9.7mm Titanium, 9.75mm Titanium, 9.8mm Titanium, 10.1mm Titanium, 10.3mm Titanium, 10.5mm Titanium, 11 mm Titanium