Triangle Peradon Snooker 15 Ball


This triangle is made by Peradon UK.

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Triangle Peradon Snooker 15 Ball

This Triangle Peradon Snooker 15 Ball 2 1/16 inch and also available in 2 1/4 inch and 2 inch 15 ball sets and has a Mahogany colour.

The triangle offers not only good value, but is also the best wooden triangle for full sized snooker balls we have seen from any supplier.

I use this one myself much better than any other I’ve used. Well made, holds the balls very tight and available for snooker for 2 1/16 inch and 2 1/4 inch and 2 inch  for pool.

As per the link following you can access all of Peradon products and you can check them out on the links provided below. They offer a full range of all products in snooker and English pool and we are proud to say we do a lot of business with them as they are one of my best suppliers I have.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 10 cm

2 inch, 2 1/16 Triangle, 2 1/4 Triangle