Tested Tip x 6 tips


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These tips have all been tested individually so you’ll get the same hardness in each type of tip selected. There are two different selections and a soft in each will vary due to tip materials used.

We’ll have another tip coming in a few months in containers and packaged better but these tips are extremely good and having a nice packet doesn’t change the tip performance.

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Our Tested Tip Range comes with 6 tips are all individually tested by us with these being our grey tips and green.

This range has only been introduced in September 2019 and our previous tips have been all individually tested as we need to make it easier for our clients to find the best under our brand. Each tip is checked for tip heights parameters, diameter and then tested using a hardness tester which provides an extremely accurate reading.

We then sort the tips into five different hardness types so you our client will get the most consistent tip on the market today. We used to go by the supplier giving us a soft, medium and hard tip but found there’s way too many variables and without testing each tip there’s no reliability.

Many of you have been purchasing from us for a long time and we only put our name behind brands we believe in and know they work. The cue tip idea together with our chalk under the Billiard Chalk company and Cue Creator cues is testament to our dedication in finding the best in cue sports equipment.

We’ve spent a lot of money on finding the best tips on the market for durability and feel and use the best testing methods in the industry. Our years of experience in playing the game as well as selling tips gives us a unique outlook and provides our clients with the best overall products in the billiard industry today.

This is the range of tips below: each tip is tested individually for hardness using our tip testing equipment and once you decide on a hardness. All tips have a different feel even with the same rating as the Elasticity or re bound of the leather is different in each tip.

Grey Tips – These are a premium leather and are more reactive than the green in leather elasticity. With these tips they are quite a expensive piece of leather and one ive been using for some time in the medium hard rating. The tips are also a lower profile than the green below as well.

  1. Soft
  2. Medium
  3. Medium Hard
  4. Hard


Green Tips – These are a high quality leather and are a firmer playing tip than the grey and also a higher profile height. Ratings as shown below will play slightly harder as the leather re bound or movement is less than the grey. This however creates a very good wearing tips so they last quite a long time overall.

  1. Soft
  2. Medium
  3. Hard

To run tips in you should do the following.

  1. shape tip and then play shots with topspin, stun and screw the normal way you hold the cue.
  2. rotate the cue to another position at least three different positions doing the same.
  3. re shape the tip and it should stay more even in shape



Additional information

Weight .02 kg
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 cm
Cue Tips Tested and Rated

Grey Tip Soft, Grey Tip Medium, Grey Tip Medium Hard, Grey Tip Hard, Green Tip Soft, Green Tip Medium, Green Tip Hard