Tweeten Triangle Chalk 12 Pieces Green


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This green triangle chalk is from Tweeten in the USA and we purchase from Peradon in the UK.

NOTE: UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE I’LL NEED TO SEND IN BAGS OF 12. Tweeten has no stock Worldwide of the boxes of 12 but I do have 4 gross boxes left (144) in stock.

Limit 12 pieces only per order.



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Tweeten Triangle Chalk 12 Pieces Green

This listing is for Tweeten Triangle Chalk 12 Pieces Green box of 12 – Green, and is the most commonly used chalk brand among many Snooker, Billiards and Pool Players . A dozen cubes in a neat box – should keep you going for a long time.

We also have a great range of chalk holders, these can greatly help having your chalk handing during a game/match rather then fiddling through your pockets to find that lost piece of chalk or maybe preventing that same piece of forgotten chalk ending up in the washing machine.

Triangle has a 75-year reputation around the world as a fine, high-quality product. Room keepers like its firmness, and players like the secure feeling in attempting critical shots.

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