cue shaft slicker

Cue Shaft Slicker


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This McDermott cue slicker is a great way of keeping your cue stay smooth and move freely. Using this type of tool is ok for a short term use and would have a grit inside of under 1000. Its more like a 000 steel wool finish.

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Cue Shaft Slicker

The Cue Shaft Slicker helps give your cue the lustrous, lasting protection it needs, and reduces “drag” in the bridge hand. This Cue Shaft Slicker removes dirt and oil from your pool cue shaft. Just slip the shaft slicker over the cue shaft and rub up and down to smooth your shaft for that ultimate comfortable pool stroke.

Much better to wipe your cue down and help maintain a smooth stroke which you need when trying to play at your best.

The simple to use design features an abrasive pad inside a canvas-like tube, which is placed around the shaft. With some light rubbing your cue will be smooth and clean. It is abrasive and it doesn’t take long to make your shaft smooth but it does sand like a 800-1200 grit sandpaper so use it with care.

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