Century Pro Cue Tips

Century Pro Cue Tips

These Tips come in four ratings from G1 to G4 and are a pressed type high quality tip for Snooker and English pool. Century has a number of professional players also using their tips.

note : G3 out of stock 14/02/19 for one week until they come back in 

Top Professionals Using Century Pro Cue Tips

• Mark Williams (M.B.E) – Multiple World Champion & current 2018 Betfred World Snooker Champion

• Shaun Murphy – Multiple World Champion,Mark Selby – Multiple World Champion & World Number 1 Snooker Player,Kyren Wilson, Stephen Maguire, Neil Robertson

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Century Pro Cue Tips

These Century Pro Tips are a new tip launched in 2018 and used my some professional players. The tips are each individually checked for hardness.

The tips are a premium quality A grade leather with the tips graded in G1, G2, G3 & G4. The tips come as a box of four but we’ll have listings for single tips as well so you can try out different grades and find what works on your cue.

Ive added listing in one tip only, 2 tips and a pack which is 4 tips.

Why Choose these tips:

  • Quality cue tips, single layer grade A tips
  • Unique Manufacturing processes
  • Every tip tested
  • Same grade tip in each box guaranteed by century

The Four Grades of Tips:

  • G1 = Softer Feel
  • G2 = Medium Feel
  • G3 = Medium to Hard Feel
  • G4 = Hard Feel

Additional information

Weight .050 kg
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 cm
Century Pro Tips

G1 = Softer Feel x 1 tip, G2 = Medium Feel x 1 tip, G3 = Medium to Hard Feel x 1 tip, G4 = Hard Feel x 1 tip, G1 = Softer Feel x 2 tips, G2 = Medium Feel x 2 tips, G3 = Medium to Hard Feel x 2 tips, G4 = Hard Feel x 2, G1 = Softer Feel x 4 tips (Box), G2 = Medium Feel x 4 tips (Box), G3 = Medium to Hard Feel x 4 tips (Box), G4 = Hard Feel x 4 tips (Box)