Aramith Pro Cup Billiard Balls

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If you’re into billiards, this is the current set design used in all major billiard events worldwide. World Cue Sports is an authorized Aramith reseller and the top seller of Aramith products in Australia. If you’re looking for bulk pricing for a club, please contact us.



Aramith Pro Cup Billiard Balls

The Aramith Pro Cup Billiard Balls set, measuring 2 1/16 inches, is tailored for 12′ x 6′ tables, renowned for their high-quality phenolic construction, ensuring a weight tolerance of 3 grams. Manufactured in Belgium by Aramith, these balls are distributed by Peradon, recognized authorities in Tournament Champion balls, comprising three Tournament Champion Billiard Balls per set.

This set is now the standard in all major billiards events globally, exemplified by its inclusion of white and yellow spotted balls, as depicted in the image. Not only are they suitable for professional competitions, but they also serve as excellent tools for practicing snooker, billiards, and pool, offering a visual cue of the amount of side applied to the cue ball, facilitating enhanced training experiences.

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Weight .53 kg
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 6 cm