Superfine Strachan Bed Only full size

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Introducing what i believe to be one of the best cloths in the marketplace for 2019 and the biggest development in overall speed even over no 10.

This cloth from Strachan is Superfine and not only is quicker than no 10 but also has the same lasting qualities of 30 ounce and will be the future cloth used in events for the IBSF and i imagine others very soon. For the cushion cloth standard 30 ounce is used and another listing is shown for cushion cloth only.



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Superfine Strachan Bed Only is a line of cloth released in 2019 for full size snooker tables which has been tried and tested for English Pool for many years. It offers the speed shown on TV of Strachan No 10 cloth, but without the need of heaters and such a pleasure to play on. This cloth isn’t a lot dearer than 30 ounce and offers so much more than a no 10 in play ability i believe and overall wear.

From my experience of having four different no 10 cloths on my Star table, I have found the superfine strachan far superior over any of the other strachan products. I have gone from having heaters on the table with no 10 cloths to not using them.

Superfine Strachan Bed Only much quicker and more responsive overall and keeps the speed so much longer overall. Also, with this cloth or number 10 you would use standard 30 ounce strachan cloth due the to wear and slide.

Normal wear you would get 2 bed cloths before replacing cushion cloth in normal situations. For the time it lasts from reports from Strachan they believe that not only is it quicker than no10 it will also last as long as a 30-ounce cloth. Like most strachan products you need to brush and iron weekly and it will then keep up its performance.

The cloth has the Antikick TM technology, which has almost eliminated the kicks from the pro game.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 15 cm