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Tweeten Pro Chalk and Tips

This listing is for the Pro Elk tips and Chalk. The listing is broken down into being able to purchase single tips from each hardness or the pack of 3 as the come. You can also pick from purchasing a single cube of chalk to four or a box.

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Tweeten Pro Chalk and Tips – Select tips or Chalk

Tweeten Pro Chalk and Tips are two new products from Peradon UK. The Triangle Pro-Chalk is another version of the world’s most popular snooker chalk manufacturer. Triangle Pro-Chalk has added ingredients to increase friction and cue ball control even further.

This new chalk triangle has written that it creates a smooth feel with incredible grip.

Produced by Tweeten Fibre Co. in the USA, the world’s best known and most respected chalk making company. The perfect partner for Elk- Pro tips!

Elk-Pro Tips is a new version of the ever popular Elk Master tip with options of Soft, Medium or Hard tips. The Elk-Pro Tip was developed for more serious players who like the characteristics of the Elk Master tip but are looking for greater consistency that the elk has shown. ( stocking 10mm only)

It is manufactured to unprecedented tolerances of shape and hardness by the world’s most respected tip makers, Tweeten Fibre co. in the USA.

  • Made using only hand selected leather from the prime portion of the hide.
  • New enhanced treatment processes eliminate impurities and ensure total saturation of the leather.
  • Pressed into shape using a new technique to improve consistency of shape.
  • Tip consistency maintained through new accurate hardness testing techniques.
  • The fibre of the tips has been maintained so even the hard tips do not feel or sound too solid.
  • Incredible grip and chalk adhesion.
  • The perfect partner for Triangle Pro chalk.


In this listing we are going to sell the tips in 10mm only in the Soft, Medium and Hard Versions. Normally these are in boxes of three but due to the prices they are i will be separating them into single tips as well.

The Chalk we will sell in boxes of 12 and also in singles and blocks of 4 cubes.

#Selection as per drop down menu is chalk or tips.

Additional information

Weight .100 kg
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 1 cm
Elk Pro Tips and Chalk

Box of Pro-Chalk, Pro-Chalk x1 Cube, Pro-Chalk x 4 cubes, Pro Elk Tips 10mm Soft x 1, Pro Elk Tips 10mm Soft x 1 Pack (3), Pro Elk Tips 10mm Medium x 1, Pro Elk Tips 10mm Medium x 1 Pack (3), Pro Elk Tips 10mm Hard x 1, Pro Elk Tips 10mm Hard x 1 Pack (3)