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Sledgehammer Break Cue

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Sledgehammer Break Cue

The Sledgehammer Break Cue distributed by McDermott Cues is a Dedicated Break Cue which features a Maple Forearm with a Strong Tapered Butt & Shaft and an Aluminum 3/8″-10 Joint Pin.
The Sledgehammer SH-1 Break Cue from McDermott has a textured sports grip and a 13mm Patented One-Piece Phenolic Tip and Ferrule. Being a dedicated break cue the Sledgehammer is one of the most recognized and respected names around. Unlike an other tip on the market, the patented one-piece phenolic tip and ferrule transfers energy unlike any other tip around. This ensures superior accuracy and insane power. The Sledgehammer is known to many as the hardest and most solid hitting break cue on the market, simply it destroys the rack leaving your competition speechless.
Features * Maple Forearm * 13mm Tip * Dedicated Break Cue * Patented One-Piece Phenolic Tip and Ferrule * Extended Textured sports grip * Aluminum 3/8″-10 Joint Pin * Strong Tapered Butt & Shaft

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 90 x 7 x 7 cm

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