H Series Model H1050 McDermott Pool Cue

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Note: After ordering we’ll contact you regarding Weight, Tip size and balance point.
Other options for extra costs would be shaft upgrades and various joints the can do including Uniloc if required. Lead time can be 6-10 weeks.



This H Series Model H1050 McDermott Pool Cue  is a range of cues from the USA with something very unique!

McDermott’s H1050 features a Birdseye maple forearm/handle with Silver rings and 12 black urethane, turquoise, pewter & red urethane forearm/handle points.

The shaft for this cue is the  12.75 i-2 high-performance shaft and of course in all H series the VBP adjustable weight system.

This has a weight that can be adjusted and slid along the arrow to adjust balance anywhere you want throughout the butt. With this H1050 it comes with the i2 shaft in 12.75 or you can also change the shaft at an extra cost.

The cue allows the balance in the butt to be altered via the VBP adjustable weight system ion the use of a carbon arrow tube with a adjustable weight slider. This technology is a first in USA pool cues and i believe as a end user is much better than using a standard type pool cue. It allows more weight forward to the bridge hand creating more feel and accuracy.

As its patented the other pool companies can’t follow this but I’m sure they wish they had come up with it!


  • Birdseye maple forearm/handle
  • Silver rings
  • 12 black urethane, turquoise, pewter & red urethane forearm/handle points
  • Quick Release joint
  • i-2 high-performance shaft
H1050 series cue McDermott
H1050 series cue McDermott

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 90 × 10 × 10 cm