zeus snooker cue tips

Zeus Snooker Cue Tips


These cue tips offer a lower profile tip and three different hardnesses are available. As the profile is lower we’ve found that these tips play much better than the thicker profile elk master tips.

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Zeus Snooker Cue Tips

The Zeus Snooker Cue Tips are a new line of tips available non impregnated with chalk and also pressed much better than other cue tips due to the lower profile as well.

They offer a lower height than Elk master and blue diamond (as pictured) and are also more shaped as well. I have been using a Zeus medium to hard Tip on my cue for the last month testing them and then decided that I should definitely stock these tips.

As per any tips I run them in by playing all shots and rotating the cue butt around so that it compresses evenly. Once that is done re shape and keep the sides of the tip level with the ferrule.

After playing use the back of a coaster or the back of a piece of sand paper and burnish the edges and this will make the tip last for a long time.

This listing has a drop down box on your right with selections of the below in Soft,Medium and Hard

  1. 10mm tips x 1 tip
  2. 10mm tips x 5 tips
  3. 10mm tips x 10

Additional information

Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Cue Tip Selection

10mm tips x 1 tip Soft, 10mm tips x 5 tip Soft, 10mm tips x 10 tip Soft, 10mm tips x 1 tip Medium, 10mm tips x 5 tip Medium, 10mm tips x 10 tip Medium, 10mm tips x 1 tip Hard, 10mm tips x 5 tip Hard, 10mm tips x 10 tip Hard