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Tweeten Tenoning Machine

Tweeten Tenoning Machine

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This Tennon tool is used for re ferrules and takes some time to get used to but after mastering you’ll be able to start working on your own cues.

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Tweeten Tenoning Machine

This listing is for a Tweeten Tenoning Machine and is a do it yourself at home tool. It is very useful if you are replacing a ferrule and with some practice on timber dowels you’ll soon get the hang of it. I suggest going to a local hardware and purchasing some timber dowels and practicing first before using it on your cue or use your friends before your own!

This tool makes it easy to cut the dowel, it has flexible chuck so that it centers the shaft accurately while working on it. Holds shafts of 6.5mm to 10 .40 mm which is great for your snooker or pool cue.

The Side cutter shapes the dowel and the small base cutter creases the shaft to form a clean cut and leaves a perfectly centered dowel for your point. Size of dowel can be regulated with adjustable screw.

This product is fast and easy to use and the best of quality from Tweeten.

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Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 3 cm