Timesafe Peradon SCT Light Meter

Timesafe Peradon SCT Light Meter

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Timesafe Peradon SCT Light Meter is a great idea for clubs to help raise funds for cloth and accessories and a good way to keep the more serious players on the tables.



Timesafe Peradon SCT Light Meter

This Timesafe Peradon SCT Light Meter is made in the UK and can be fitted out for a 20c piece, $1 coin or $2 coin upon order.

The Light Meter is Non accumulative single coin meter in which a bar goes across inside the unit so only one coin can be accepted at a time. We feel this is the best way to have a meter set up as it can be adjusted on switches inside from 1 min to 63 minutes. We see this meter benefiting your clubs tables as it raises funds for re clothing and general maintenance and keeps people of the tables that would normally be having a drink and aren’t that serious.

The Timesafe Peradon SCT Light Meter also has a match play override key for use in comp use.

Our Timesafe unit SCT is to be used with the Timesafe Snooker Lights and if a canopy is used then another unit would need to be used due to the switch inside the unit in Power Draw. Other Units are accumulative meaning they can keep adding coins for extra time.

  • 2 week lead time on orders from the UK to be fitted to coin selected
  • must be used with Timesafe snooker lights
  • Prices can be adjusted on Multiple tables or in conjunction with timesafe light order with units or past units.

Instruction Manual: Timesafe SCT ADM instruction booklet



Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 15 cm