Sportube Series 3 Complete plus TSA Lock


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This Sportube series 3 case is the perfect way for traveling overseas and comes with a carry pull handle and a TSA Lock.

Other companies don’t include the TSA lock and Pull Handle. ( case also comes with a D shackle but i found i just use the TSA lock instead as imaged.


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Sportube Series 3 Complete

This Sportube Series 3 Complete with lock & handle is a great product to protect your cue and case when travelling.

This case is usually used for ski’s but all of the overseas professional snooker players use these when traveling to protect their cue and cases from possible transport issues. The Sportube case’s have wheels on them and can fit three-four 3/4 cue cases ( or one piece cases) and extensions or snow ski’s.

Tired of the hassle of checking your luggage at the airport? Why not ship your equipment ahead of time and have your gear waiting for you when you arrive in the series 3 Sportube.

Wheels make those awkward loads easy to transport. Just wheel them along like a suitcase.

The Series 3 Multi-Pair is the same case as the Snowboard and Waterski case, so it can be used for all sports. Also makes a great family case.

  • This listing comes complete with pull handle & tsa lock
  • ( Freight on these are around $70-100 if not in Sydney) I have covered $60 in the price
  • box measurements are 125x50x33 and a weight of 7kg
Technical Specifications (interior dimensions)
adjustable length
14 1/2″
7 7/8″
42″ to 72″

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 160 × 20 × 20 cm