Snooker and Pool Table Light 6ft - 8ft

Snooker and Pool Table Light 6ft – 8ft

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Timesafe Luminaire – This new Pool Table light  is the latest innovative design from Peradon in London. This light is suitable for 6ft,7ft and 8 foot pool tables. I have one set up on my table in Penrith if your in Sydney come along and check it out.

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Timesafe Luminaire – This new Snooker and Pool Table Light 6ft – 8ft< is the latest innovative design from Peradon in London. (watch my video showing the Timesafe  Snooker light).

These Snooker and Pool Table Light 6ft – 8ft  light are suitable for 6ft, 7ft and 8 foot tables in this version and then the next light for snooker is available to suit 10ft and 12 foot tables. I have had clients use the pool version for a 9 foot table and they where also happy but its not recommended from Peradon. ( I now have a pool hall using the light for 9 foot and it works great as well at a higher hight as well!)

If your in Sydney your welcome to come and look at mine set up on my Pool Table which is a 8 foot Valley.

This stunning high quality snooker table light that provides a more professional approach to lighting your size snooker or pool table.

This light weight and ultra bright light provides a more even illumination across the whole bed cloth with absolutely no cushion shadowing and also reduces the shadow from the balls that all conventional canopy lighting causes. Prices are like they are due to the freight cost being very high as these goods are bulky. They are still priced well below canopy lights and ten times better in my opinion and if you can come to my house in Penrith you’ll see how great they are!


  • Grade ‘A’ Efficient Tubes (10,000 hours lifespan)
  • Only 232W output yet exceptional brightness
  • Suitable for pool tables from 6 ft through to a full size Snooker Table
  • Eliminates all cushion shadowing.
  • Modern Styling.
  • Fully adjustable hanging height (Suspended or Surface Mounted).
  • Suspension cables included.


  • 1 unit measuring 156 X 27 x 9cm – Weight 4.5kg for either 6 ft,7ft and 8 ft tables and a much better light than any other makes around for both looks and lighting.

Please Note: This product should be installed by a qualified electrician.

This Light Shade offers much better value than a Wooden type or others i have listed  as it throws out a lot more light and is less in cost. A standard Snooker timber shade if you investigate will cost between $700-$1000 without the light fittings and the Timesafe also creates a lot more space around the table and keeps the room open. Therefore if your a serious player or want the best for your money and a better look order one today!

You can pay well over $900 plus for a timber canopy like pictured below and then have to fit lights to it which will cost another $150-$200 minimum.

Even if you are to do this is still won’t provide anywhere near the light that the timesafe produces and takes up a lot of space and is also much heavier.

Have a look at the Local RSL or snooker room and you’ll see how much space these old fashioned lights take.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 170 × 40 × 40 cm
Timesafe Light

Peradon Timesafe Snooker Luminaire, Peradon Timesafe Pool Luminaire