Pro-Tec Snooker Cloth Full Size 12 x 6


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Introducing Pro-Tec cloth from Thailand. This is by far the best full size cloth on the market today and has been in my shop for the last 6 months. The overall speed is the best I’ve played on including pro conditions but also has the same play ability in high humidity locations. ( Has the feel of Simonis on your arm if not wearing a shirt – not the thickness – Still has a nap of course)

Check out the Video’s from My great mate Mr Lee. (watch out for young Alfie Lee in 2021)

Pro-Tec Specifications:

  • 380g/m2
  • 60% Wool (Australian Merino)
  • 40% Polyester
  • 198 cm Width
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Pro-Tec Snooker Cloth

Pro-Tec Snooker Cloth Full Size 12 x 6  new line of cloth released in 2020 for full size snooker tables. I’ve used Strachan Cloth for the past 10 plus years and this is by the far the best cloth.

Pro-Tec offers the speed shown on TV but without the need of heaters or the cost.

Developed and made in Thailand Pro-Tec offers humidity resistance and unlike Strachan the hand marks don’t stand out and the speed is so consistent.

Pro-Tec  has some major advantages over others having anti static, humidity resistance, Anti Bacteria and has outstanding durability. The cloth overall has a feel like Simonis cloth to touch and I’ve also been using their Pad as well on the cloth to remove chalk marks. ( Has the feel of Simonis on your arm if not wearing a shirt – not the thickness – Still has a nap of course)

You’ll also find that ironing doesn’t make a major difference as the nap is very low. The speed just stays the same, unlike all other cloths that slow down.

I also have Pro-Tec on a friends’ table that had issues with speed before because of his room having granite floors. It has since become so quick and he hasn’t even ironed it from being put on 2 months ago.

You’ll see from the video with my best friend Mr Lee of how quick the cloth is.

The cloth and the balls should be cleaned as any residue that has built up on the ball will leave marks on the cloth. We recommend Aramith balls and cleaners or liquid that has been tried and tested over the years.

Table maintenance will enhance the life of your cloth and the appearance of your table and your enjoyment of what we believe is the best game in the world Folded packs.

Stephen Lee Pro Tech Cloth
Stephen Lee Pro Tech Cloth

The Pro-Tec Advantages

    1. Speed of cloth the same as pro conditions
    2. Humidity Proof – doesn’t slow down with rain outside
    3. Stays the same without air conditioning, ironing etc
    4. High Durability, last longer than traditional cloths
    5. Anti Bacteria


Cloth Caring Advice

  1. For a smooth playable surface only a regular warm iron is needed
  2. Only on very humid days ironing should be applied
  3. Moisture will normally stay on surface and won’t soak into the cloth
  4. Light humidity will normally dry by itself on Pro Tec
  5. Stains should be removed immediately with a damp cloth

Pro Tec made in Thailand
Pro -Tec made in Thailand

Additional information

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Dimensions 40 × 30 × 15 cm