CC375 single face splice with thick veneer in sea green

Pro Cue Single Face Splice Snakewood and Sea Green Veneer

This cue uses Snakewood with a single splice with a sea green veneer and is one very unique looking cue. It features magnificent North American Ash being selected for the shaft in a Pro Cue Variation.

The cue features a titanium ferrule as well as the matching stainless badge and will be on some of the stock pro cue in the future stock.

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Pro Cue Single Face Splice Snakewood and Sea Green Veneer

This design is a Pro Cue Single Face Splice Snakewood and Sea Green Veneer and is a magnificent piece as you can see!  As you’ll see from the images the ash is very good as is the splicing and wood selected. The weight of the cue is 18.16 ounces with a titanium ferrule size of 9.36mm abd a butt diameter of 29.39 mm and a length of 58.1 inches.

Craftsmanship is a big thing i make sure that we keep perfecting in cue builds and these are certainly true class.

The pro cue is a one piece design but has the ash go through to the bottom of the cue and you’ll see a square section of ash. This makes the butt have much more strength than a standard one piece cue which uses a 44-48 inch shaft and splicing.

Playability wise it plays a lot stronger and of course costs three times more to make. Many cue makers are also now getting onto this with some companies just adding dowels into shafts to make them look like they are full length to sell at higher costs.

This listing has various selections as per the cue specifications. Once you check the cue images you’ll notice the great craftsmanship of our cue makers. There’s many selections available on the configuration area and if your wanting to design your own then check it out.

Cue Specifications:

  • CC-375- 18.16 ounces, 9.36 mm titanium ferrule,17.1 balance,29.39 butt, 58.1 inch length| + 23 inch telescopic, 6 inch solid extension and Cue Case
  • CC – second cue sold before getting to website. (Sorry)

Added Bonus:

  • For all Cue Creator® cues purchased we’re also giving a free Aluminum cue case so we have peace of mind when sending.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 150 x 10 x 10 cm
Cue Variations

CC-375- 18.16 ounces, 9.36 mm ferrule,17.1 balance,29.39 butt, 58.1 inch length