wcs16 three quarter from Phoenix cues

Phoenix Unity Cue WCS16

This Phoenix cue is one of my favorites with a classy looking Tulip wood with four secondary splices up against an ebony butt.


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Phoenix Unity Cue WCS16

This Phoenix Unity Cue WCS16 uses a high quality Ebony with 4 secondary pieces of Tulip Wood. The hand spliced Ash shaft has This Phoenix Unity WCS16 Butt is spliced by the very best trained cue makers with exceptional point work.

This type of look is one of my favorites of the lighter colour up against the ebony and is simple but classy!

The overall quality in the Phoenix range is as high as you’ll see in cues costing well over $1000 + . You’ll see by the pictures the splicing is the best around and as we’ve sold many around the Country I’m sure you’ll see them around very soon.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 145 x 5 x 5 cm

1pce cue /18.73 ounces/9.95mm ferrule/30.6mm butt/17.25 balance point, 3/4 cue/18.62 ounces/ 9.58mm ferrule/ 30.44mm butt/ 16.75mm balance point, 3/4 cue / 18.59 ounces/ 9.6mm ferrule/ 30.24mm butt/ 17 inches balance point